Because transforming society
is no longer an option...

Because transforming society
is no longer an option...

Because transforming society
is no longer an option...

Face to social, political, economic and ecological crises,
the need to transform our society no longer needs to be demonstrated.

Nexxo is a new kind of communication tool , serving those who want to connect with others locally , in the desire to discuss the problems of our time, find solutions, and coordinate initiatives in all areas,
to reorganize our lives and build together a peaceful future, for ourselves and for our children.

version beta test :
It is possible that bugs will occur in the coming weeks,
since the platform has never been tested on a large scale.

If you encounter problems while browsing, please report them by clicking here : Report a bug
Alpha Tango will do his best to stabilize the platform as soon as possible.

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How it works ?


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How to publish videos on Nexxo without risking censorship ?
Create your channel and publish on Peertube of course !

Nexxo in a few words...

Free and without ads
Nexxo is not a commercial website.
Registration is free.
No advertising will disturb your navigation.

The platform is fully funded by your donations.
A donation campaign will be launched from the 1000th registered member.

In order to guarantee the reliability of the platform, the source code of the application is accessible to all. No more hidden algorithms that treat your data in secret ! Everything is verifiable, and even improvable.

If you want to participate in the development,
you are welcome !

Consult the code

Protects your data
You are free to set the level of visibility for each piece of data you share on the app.
Your datas is stored on a secure server, and will never be resold or shared with anyone.

Every contents you publish (publications, comments, private message) are stored encrypted in our database, so as to make it more complex to use fraudulently in case of hacking of the database.

What makes Nexxo
a social network realy different...

Local communication
You can send geolocated messages,
by selecting the geographical area
where you want to broadcast your message.

All members located within this zone
will receive your message in their news feed as well as a live notification.

Collective and democratic moderation
With Nexxo: no more arbitrary censorship !
Each member of the network is also a moderator.
Which means that you can all report content that seems inappropriate to you,
and participate in the votation.

When the same content is reported by more than 10 different people,
a voting procedure is opened (72h)
to decide collectively whether the content should be blocked or kept.

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of local communication...

Social impact
In times of crisis, mutual aid and solidarity between citizens is a key element to support each other.

Local communication allows those in need to find help around them, and build local, fast and powerful bonds of solidarity.

Feed, move, warm, heal...
We must be able to rely on each other !

Political impact
The representative democratic model in which we live today seems more and more ineffective and unsuited to face the challenges of our time.

The creation of local citizens' assembly, in all territories, seems to have become indispensable, if we really want to take back our political power, and our capacity to decide for ourselves, by ourselves.

Local communication allows citizens who wish to invest in such assemblies to disseminate all the information related to their organization (date/time/places), to their preparation (agenda, survey, reports, etc.), and their deliberations.

Ecological impact
The main ecological problem we face is our dependence on fossil fuels.
To reduce our energy consumption, we must not only consume less. We must also consume locally, and produce locally.

The more we consume locally, the less we consume energy to transport our goods.

Local communication allows everyone to find local producers more easily (farmers, craftsmen, etc.) and little by little, to relocate our consumption.

All the details of the project are in the wiki !
Feel free to browse through the different chapters
to further explore the particularities of the network.

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Ecological web hosting
Nexxo is hosted at Infomaniak,
dont les serveurs sont alimentés avec 100% d'énergies renouvelables

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